Cemil Altinbilek began Music in the Kubbealti. He became a student of Cahit Gozkan. His music life began at the Kubbealti Academy Culture and Arts Foundation Music Institute. He is a lute student of cahit Gozkan. In the same year, he began Saturday private courses in the Cahit Gozkan’s house and Fasil nights in Tuesday evenings and Fridays evenings. And it continued twenty years until his teacher died.

Also, he attended firstly as a chorister and then as a lute player simultaneously in Kubbealti Foundation Music Institute Choir, Istanbul University Turkish Classical Music Choir and afterwards founded Kadikoy Faslı Music Association for ten year. In 2000, he performed as the maestro for the lawyer choir established under Istanbul Bar Association and then he was founder instructor in the first year of Turkish Music Choir in Garanti Bank. Cemil Altınbilek has composing trials inspected by TRT and articles on music culture. And he still maintains in the music experience with friends in the neighborhood and in Cenan Foundation Music Group.

Cemil Altınbilek’s Composition Notations